Friday, October 30, 2009


Crazy week and it's not over yet. We carved our pumpkins,I readied a craft project for the 2nd grade party....lots of scissors,felt,and glue..will have to show the final product in my next post!Went to Joann Fabric and Micheals 4 times in 3 days..went to Quinn's Halloween party...lots of fun, but she didn't want to wear her costume at school oh well..then had Cooper's party, both second grades combined in one room.Yep that's 44 kids!! Insane!!!Husband left for Denver for the weekend to see college garage door broke-they are coming on Monday to fix it.Wondering what else will go wrong while he is gone?Cooper has his friend over for a sleepover and Quinn played at her friend Kaitlyn's.Me, waiting for their movie to be over so we can all go to sleep..I'm worn out and we haven't even trick or treated yet.Wonder when they are going to get tired???

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Healthy at Last

Finally!!!! H1N1(at least that's what we're blaming it on and the pediatrician's diagnosis) has left the building. One of the strangest illnesses that we've ever encountered. Kids have missed a total of 8 days of school and just when we thought they were getting better, fevers returned. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we are golden for the rest of the year for sickness..In happier news, Quinnie went to a Halloween party at her friend Hailie's house(they are in kindergarten together)and Cooper and I had some mama and son time.We had lunch and went to the mall to buy some Webkinz with his birthday money. It was nice to spend some one on one time with him. today,Quinnie also went to play and have dinner at her friend McKenna's-(God Bless you Kim!!) and Cooper was able to play with his friend Jaxon too-which means I had a little break since Ron is working a 24 hour call.
here is my cute little mermaid on her way to the party Wondering why my cabinets look like they are striped? hmmm........what's up with that???

The weather here has been so yucky this month so we have spent a lot of time indoors. The kids have been playing together a lot and Cooper has been such a great big brother.Don't get me wrong, they still fight but they seem to be playing together so nice. I sneaked in and took a few pics of them playing with Legos to commemorate because next week it could be fist city!

We also took the kids to the Science Museum on Saturday...along with 4000 girls for the Girls in Science weekend!Add that to the hundreds of CLUELESS families who showed up too.It was insane. I was ready to have a martini!!..We lasted an hour and good thing we had a pass because I would have been miffed if I had paid to get in. The parking garage was full-REALLY! We drove to the end of it(a first) and had to turn around along with other cars. We asked the teenage attendant if there was other parking available. His response"I guess wherever you can find" so Ron said"Thanks, that's so helpful!"-sheesh- what a tool!-We ended up parking on the street with a meter.We promised the kids we would go back soon, but we will ALWAYS check the website first. I do love this shot, though, of Ron explaining what molecules are(he was a chemistry major after all).....hope they inherit his science gene because I don't think I have one.

And here is a photo of my poor Quinnie who has missed the last 3 days of school.Who I bought hot cocoa and marshmallows for and Halloween Oreos for.Don't you know hot cocoa makes fever go away?? When they are sick they get everything(almost)what they want-at least treat wise.

Monday, October 19, 2009

At The Patch

Two posts in a day!!I went to the Pumpkin Patch with the Kindergartners today. It was semi warm and not rainy-whew!!! Busy but fun and I am wiped out. Kudos to the teachers!!Took tons of pics-along with every other mom there.So glad Q was feeling better. They were missing 6-7 kids due to illness.
a group shot.... My group...

found a good one!

I was there too!!!

Trouble x 2(Quinn and Delaney)

Welcome to the Circus!

Took the kids to the circus for the first time this past weekend. Ate an overpriced dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, bought two light up swords, and a $20 elephant ride. The kid's reactions-priceless. Cooper-"Boy, that is one smart elephant" Quinn-"I love the Circle of Death!"They absolutely loved the clowns too. A fun family activity after all of the illness that has been hanging out in our house.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

just a few pics of Quinn. I took a bunch to enter her in the Gap casting call. Now I don't care much about the modeling part but the $$$$ to shop at Gap woud be awesome.Still, i know the odds are slim-especially with my photography skills...her hair is finally getting long again-yipee!!!

Also, I caught her playing school in our loft the other day. One of her new things she is into. She is growing up so fast. I asked her if she wanted Santa to bring her Snow White movie and she says no, I want the Barbie and the Three Muskateers movie. I think we've left the Disney Princess era behind(sniff sniff) Oh, and yesterday I donated some Polly Pockets to her classroom.I told her I would look and try and find some more on sale at Christmas to donate and she said"mom,we can just ask Santa to bring a bunch of Polly Pockets for my class.He can bring any toy you ask for!"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Germ Warfare

Seriously!!I think my skin on my hands is going to flake off because it's so dry...from constantly using the hand sanitizers that are all over the house.And wiping every surface with Lysol wipes.Illness has already made an appearance in our household.Thought we would have made it a little farther into the school year.3 days missed!! Cooper has had high fevers(104.7!!) and gigantic tonsils. I was positive it was strep since he's had it soo many times, but after two negative strep tests it just a good ol' virus. Which means there is NOTHING you can do. Sigh.....Thought we were finally on the mend today, but the fever has made a comeback.Which means we'll be missing Coop's field trip to Emma Krumbees.I was going to chaperone. Hmmm....being in charge of eight 2nd graders......or snuggling on the couch with Coop...this might not be soo bad. This week has been crazy too. Ron went to the Vikings/Packers showdown and the Minnesota Wild game, and we've had dance and swim. I feel like the four of us have not spent an entire evening together all week.The four of us haven't even had dinner together all week. Tonight, we finally get to hang out together,...... and lucky for me I get to do a little shopping and dining with my friend Tanya tomorrow night.Can't wait...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eight is Great!!

Cooper turned eight on Saturday. We celebrated by having 10 friends come over for a football party in our backyard. After 2 days of rain. Lucky for us, the weather was dry and not windy for the two hours of his party. It would have been a little bit crazy with 11 sugared up boys trapped in my basement. They did a punt, pass, and kick competition and had cupcakes, m&ms, chex mix, and Gatorade.Grandma and Papa and cousin Saige came to help celebrate from South Dakota. Grandma and Papa were a big help. Ron and I would have been a bit overwhelmed without them being here. Cooper received many awesome gifts from friends and family. He told us repeatedly it was his best birthday ever!!Then, he left his party to help celebrate his friend Tyler's party at an indoor sports place. So that's a total of seven hours of birthday goodness which equals one tired, but happy eight year old and exhausted parents.