Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quinn's Halloween Party

I volunteered for Quinn's Halloween party at school. A cute group of first graders...they were all such good listeners..there was pass the pumpkin, find the eyeballs, and a craft, plus cupcakes.

Happy halloween

After the fun of trunk or treating we just had to get more candy of course. Our friends(the kids all go to the same school)came over for trick or treating. They live in a neighborhood that is not overflowing with kids like ours is so they love that ours is so busy. Saw so many cute costumes but my favorites are watching the little ones climb up my steps and say in their cute little voices.."trick or treat".Oh, and of course Cooper's sumo costume. We got comments wherever we went.. from kids and grown was nice not to be a Star Wars character for a change.

TG Trunk or Treat

A local catholic high school had their first ever trunk or treat..students decorated their cars...most had themes and you go from car to car to get candy. it was a fun way to kick off trick or treating and we saw some friends from school too.It was so successful they ran out of candy 45 minutes into it and they had to make a candy run

Halloween Hijinks

We ended up getting a sitter last minute, rush ordering costumes, and getting to go to a friend's cotume party. Although, I had the most fun hanging out with our friends Mike and Kathy before the party...I mean Fraulein and Slash..oh and seeing my husband in lederhosen

Halloween Party #3

Our friends Debra and Jack invited us to the TPC Halloween's become kind of a tradition. We have gone ever since Coop and Jack were in kindergarten. As always it was so much fun. Games, pumpkin painting, a bounce house, and a hayride..and Debra and I got to visit too. Had a wonderful time and we appreciate it very much

3rd Grade Super Bowl

Cooper's team the Jets finished their season on a fantastic note. After a so-so season, they won both their playoff the night it was 40 mph winds and sleet and the other on a beautiful fall Saturday morning. Their chant was "Mission Mounds View" and they accomplished it..the boys were excited to play at the high school stadium and we were pumped but the other team beat us..Cooper(and most of the other boys were ok..they knew the other team was tough.)This was our first foray into football and playing with a bunch of kids we know and having great coaches made it so much fun..Can't wait for the team pizza party. Go Jets!!