Friday, December 24, 2010

"You'll shoot Your Eye Out"

We kicked off our christmas break with a trip to the children's Theatre to see A Christmas Story. The kids loved it. Ron and I's favorite moment was when Quinn asked him.."we get to open presents tomorrow night, right??" Gotta love a 7 year old's random thoughts

An Afternoon at the Spa

Quinn's friend C had her 7th birthday party. Stopped at Bonfire on Grand Ave for lunch and then headed out to the MOA- amazingly we found a great parking spot. Our destination: the Scoops Kids Spa. Very cute and the girls had so much fun. Manis,pedis, glitter tattoos and ice cream.. Happy birthday Miss C!!

Dancing fun

Quinn's dance school had a mini Christmas presentation. They danced to two songs and then exchanged presents..All the girls looked so pretty in their holiday finest

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

The past three days of school have been all about fun and games..not much academics taking place. The kids both had their class Christmas parties.They were loaded down with teacher gifts and prayer partner gifts, Secret Santa gifts, and snow gear too.. looked like sherpas!! Since I was at Q's Halloween party I went to Cooper's Christmas..I managed to take 2 whole pictures because I was part of the sweatshop..I mean ornament making station...The hour flew by.. barely talked to my kiddo but had sun helping them all make their ornaments..I'm sure he apreciated that I was there..ha ha ha! I managed to go to Quinn's room just in time to take my "awesome" class new camera is still confounding might help if I would actually read the instruction booklet. Quinnie had her eyes closed..oh well..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lunch Bunch Christmas Style

Yes, I know it is blurry..that's what happens when you let a five year old take the picture! Plus, one of the moms(Steph) was not there.. Hoping I can get a nonblurry pic from one of the other gals...I have met some really great girls at the gym over the last year and we started to do a lunch bunch gathering after class 2-3 times a month in has been fun getting to know everyone better...we are all moms and all our kids are at different schools but we still seem to have oodles to talk about..and lots of laughter is always involved.

Pre-Christmas Concert Required Photos

The kids christmas concert at school was this past Thursday night..Fun to watch..and under an hour and a year it was 2.5 hours!! Fun to see all of the kids dressed up. The school band played and one kid did an awesome violin solo. Of course, we didn't bring the camera with the long lens and Quinn was front row center which would have made for some great photo ops.... I was proud of Cooper too because he actually sang and not just lip synched like he and a bunch of his friends did last year.

Think We're Good Now

Yep, think we are all good for snow..we had a giant snowstorm in early December..of course my husband was at work (how convienent) I even had to snowblow for the first time ever..I don't really feel the need to do it again any time soon. The snow just kept falling and falling..some schools were cancelled..not ours of course..which after two days pretty much trapped in the house they were ready for school on Monday. Mom was ready too. We have a giant mountain of snow in our street which the kids think is the coolest thing ever..although if we get another huge snowfall soon I don't know where they will put it....

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Wow! I have not blogged since Halloween..where did November go??Guess I will have to blog bullet list style.

We've enjoyed a relatively quiet November. Fall sports have ended so we have been able to have lots of time for the kids to have friends over and for sleepovers.

I had a fun girls night out that involved 25 moms and a party bus and a few shopping/lunch dates with girlfriends. Being talked in to doing a duathalon with a friend..maybe that will give me some motivation..Since it has been sooo cold I want to hunker down in my house.

Ron has had some social time with the guys and Wild and Vikings games...I've noticed that now that the kids are older our social lives are getting a bit more active. He is also getting certified in scuba diving. He loves it and is wishing he had done it years ago.. I will stay on land thank you very much.

My Christmas shopping is 90% completed. yay!!!! Christmas cards are ready to be mailed...feeling I can breathe a bit easier.

Cooper is still into cartooning and creating his own comic books. Making tons of Lego creations and of course Madden '11 and hanging with his neighbor buddy Jaxon..also he can't wait to be outside in the snow. Sledding or "surf sledding" is his favorite. He has had fun going to some Vikings games with Dad and met his new travel soccer team so is excited to start his winter soccer academy.

Quinn is all about her American girl dolls and art art art. She loves to draw, use clay and paint, perler beads, make beaded jewelry etc. She has been able to have playdates and is quite a social butterfly. She is reading chapter books and is loving school...the classes, her friends, her teachers..Hope it always stays that way. she is looking foward to participating in her schools swim team after Christmas and maybe try tennis again.

We spent Thanksgiving in SD with Ron's family...had a wonderful meal and we celebrated Christmas too. We definately have a lot to be thankful for.

Decmber is looking to be a busy month so my goal is to keep up with blogging lots of post so I can complete my 2010 Blurb blog book..try saying that fast three times...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quinn's Halloween Party

I volunteered for Quinn's Halloween party at school. A cute group of first graders...they were all such good listeners..there was pass the pumpkin, find the eyeballs, and a craft, plus cupcakes.

Happy halloween

After the fun of trunk or treating we just had to get more candy of course. Our friends(the kids all go to the same school)came over for trick or treating. They live in a neighborhood that is not overflowing with kids like ours is so they love that ours is so busy. Saw so many cute costumes but my favorites are watching the little ones climb up my steps and say in their cute little voices.."trick or treat".Oh, and of course Cooper's sumo costume. We got comments wherever we went.. from kids and grown was nice not to be a Star Wars character for a change.

TG Trunk or Treat

A local catholic high school had their first ever trunk or treat..students decorated their cars...most had themes and you go from car to car to get candy. it was a fun way to kick off trick or treating and we saw some friends from school too.It was so successful they ran out of candy 45 minutes into it and they had to make a candy run

Halloween Hijinks

We ended up getting a sitter last minute, rush ordering costumes, and getting to go to a friend's cotume party. Although, I had the most fun hanging out with our friends Mike and Kathy before the party...I mean Fraulein and Slash..oh and seeing my husband in lederhosen

Halloween Party #3

Our friends Debra and Jack invited us to the TPC Halloween's become kind of a tradition. We have gone ever since Coop and Jack were in kindergarten. As always it was so much fun. Games, pumpkin painting, a bounce house, and a hayride..and Debra and I got to visit too. Had a wonderful time and we appreciate it very much

3rd Grade Super Bowl

Cooper's team the Jets finished their season on a fantastic note. After a so-so season, they won both their playoff the night it was 40 mph winds and sleet and the other on a beautiful fall Saturday morning. Their chant was "Mission Mounds View" and they accomplished it..the boys were excited to play at the high school stadium and we were pumped but the other team beat us..Cooper(and most of the other boys were ok..they knew the other team was tough.)This was our first foray into football and playing with a bunch of kids we know and having great coaches made it so much fun..Can't wait for the team pizza party. Go Jets!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party #2

One of Cooper's friends from school had a Halloween party. A few boys from third grade and a few boys from his older brother's grade(5th) so there was lot's of scary costumes for the fifth grade and lot's of star Wars for the 3rd graders and boys running amok.They had the coolest food, apple bobbing contest, a mummy warpping contest, a guess the gross things contest. Cooper's favorite was an AWESOME haunted house in their basement...we're talking vampires popping out of coffins, werewolves in cages, etc. Cooper said he gave it 5 stars. Seriously, they should charge admission. They even provide witches brew for the moms... definately putting us in the mood for halloween next week

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party #1

One of Cooper's friends from school hosted a halloween party for the third graders..there were probably about 35 kids there,siblings and parents were invited was craziness and lots of running around the house. the boys were taking the girls as prisoners. Cooper had a juice box, capri sun and a Brownie and a cookie and lots of candy..yep that was his dinner..luckily, it was a gorgeous night and they live on a quiet cul de dac so they all eventually headed outside to burn off the copious amounts of sugar.It was fun to visit with parents and meet some new ones too. The picture below sums up the energy of the night. Cooper is wearing a werewolf mask with his sumo costume.

Crazy for Corn..and Shrimp

The kids were off from school Thursday and Friday. They kicked off their mini break by taking some classes at the Science Museum. Quinn's was "Get Set To Be a Vet" and Cooper's was "My Excellent Vacation"..involving computer animation and Google Maps. They were both mornings 9-12. Ron was off on Thursday so while the kids were at their classes Ron and I had coffee and a croissant at Bread and Chocolate on Grand Avenue and then moseyed around Barnes and Noble finding books to order on the Kindle..We picked the kids up and headed for lunch at Stella's Fish Cafe.Coop and I split a catfish Po' boy...he has some Cajun blood in him and we shared some peel and eat shrimp too..Quinn likes shrimp but she is definately more midwestern. Nothing too spicy for her, ya,you betcha!! We finally made it out to Sever's Corn Maze. It was a gorgeous day and the kids loved it..their favorite of course, was the corn pit. They also enjoyed the petting zoo, the maze and the magician. Quinn rode the pony(and asked if she could get a horse..umm NO!)and Cooper did the corn cob gun. It was not that crowded(surprisingly) and we all got lots of fresh fall air..