Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Bliss

Summer is in full effect and it's going by way too FAST!I can't believe July will be here in two days.The kids have been little fish lately.We even had a sprinkler night with a watergun fight. We've spent lots of time at the pool, but the last few days have been a bit cooler and very windy so we've found other things to do. Cooper had 2 soccer games Saturday and then we went and saw the Minnesota Thunder soccer game that evening. Ran into some friends there too.The kids really enjoyed it-rain shower and all.Sunday, Ron golfed(he's in a tournament on Thursday so he's been golfing frequently.He's actually golfing at this very moment. I ended up seeing a movie(The Proposal) with some friends. We also had dinner with friends twice this weekend. Today, I sent the kids to our school's summer program/child care for the day. It was Quinn's first time and since she's such a social butterfly she was MAD when I picked her up 9 hours later!!!She had so much fun and met some new kids,some who will be in kindergarten with her in September.Definately think she's ready for all day kindergarten.I will definately send them some more times this summer. Ron and I were supposed to golf but it was too windy for me so we ended up seeing a movie(The Hangover) which was okay,not the greatest I've ever seen. Quinnie also has a new big bed. We switched with a friend of ours(she took our twin bed ) so of course that involved new bedding which is going to lead to new paint colors.Pink and green which makes me think 80s preppy.One of my favorite color combos. Love that she will have it for awhile-not too babyish. She's loving it and we love it when it's time to read stories-way more comfortable. Lot's more fun stuff happening this week...that's for next time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Returned from a quick getaway last Sunday to Las Vegas with our great friends and travel comrades. The weather was hot and dry, my hair was stick straight(Love that!)and the people watching was awesome.Thursday, we arrived in style with our limo service(it's Vegas baby)and checked into The Hotel at Mandalay Bay.It's their all suite hotel(which is nice when you're married to a late sleeper to have another separate living room so I can watch tv or read since I woke up at 5 or 6 am EVERY DAY!!)Nice hotel-it's classy but not stuffy.Went to lunch at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel and then headed back to our hotel for happy hour. We had reservations at Tao Asian Bistro at the Venetian. Way overpriced food and they brought our cocktails AFTER we finished our meal. Our waiter felt bad so he gave us VIP hand stamps and we breezed right in to Tao nightclub.Score for us. Dance and danced some more. It's such a beautiful club.We left our friends around 1:30am(not as young as we used to be)they didn't roll in until 5!!!Friday was all about hanging out at the cabana. Friday night we tried Craftsteak at MGM based on one of Ron's friends who's a steak connosueir -if you watch Top Chef, you knowthat it's Tom Collichio's restaraunt. The steak and scallops were perfection, the wine list astronomically priced, so we drank by the glass. For once my husband had a more expensive drink than me. His red wine was $18 a glass and he had two. I'll be reminding him of this for years to come.We then headed over to Pure at Ceasars. Luckily, our friend signed us up for VIP so we only had to wait 45 minutes to get in. We immediately went to the lovely rooftop where we met some young, cute Californians that schooled us in on how table service works. Unforunately, the smaller the group, the more expensive. You need like 15 in a group to make it worthwhile.My feet were killing me-they need old people VIP service.For 4 people please?? Saturday was another day of lounging around at the cabana and people watching. Saturday we went low rent and went to Margaritaville.We were all grateful they served Diet coke after 2 days of Pepsi. They put on this crazy skit so we started clapping along even though I only know 3 Jimmy Buffett songs.We could not stop laughing. Headed over to a dueling piano bar for awhile and called it a night. Gambling? Didn't do much of that-lost $30. Liver-is regenerating as we speak.People watching-PRICELESS.So much to say but it's a family blog so I'm keeping it PG.

Birthday Boy

Ron turned 38 on Tuesday. As Cooper said"that's old!" Happy birthday to a great husband and dad.Hope you enjoy your scuba lessons.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Returned from a fun, quick getaway to Vegas. That post will arrive when I have some time. Today was a spectacular day to SWIM!!.It was too hot for anything else. We went to my friend Jodi's to swim in her pool that is equipped with a slide and a diving board too. Then, on the way home, my other friend Jodi called and wanted to know if we wanted to meet at our neighborhood yes, we swam for a total of 5 hours straight and it was pure bliss.What didn't get done-laundry, suitcases unpacked,errands-WHO CARES? This weather is so short lived I'm taking full advantage. The kids are worn out but in a good way. I'm off to supervise baths and showers and then night night Cooper and Quinn-Don't think I'll be too far behind!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun

What a wonderful weekend!Spent the majority of it outside. We went to the library and signed the kids up for their summer reading program. Cooper had soccer practice, and he decided to do travelling soccer in the fall. I'm learning alot about soccer these days. He seems to enjoy it and according to his coach he is excelling at it.Saturday morning Cooper had a soccer tournament in Woodbury. Then we stopped at Sonic and had sweet tea(yum).Wish there was one by us.Umm, maybe not- I'd probably have limeades daily.Ron took the kids swimming, and had our friends come over for impromptu s'mores. Listening to some tunes with a glass of wine-ahhhh!!! Sunday, Ron went golfing(along with the rest of Minnesota-he was gone 6 hours!) with some friends. The kids and I met a pal and went for a run with all four kids on their bikes. Then, we hung out at her house-on the deck and the kids played. Sunday afternoon was all about the pool with friends. Loving these temps. The kids are the best age for this too. They have so much fun, and I can be in when I want to but don't HAVE to. Plan on being there Monday and Tuesday too.So I decided that God can let it rain on Wed. Might actually have a tan by Thursday when we leave for Vegas if this sunshine sticks around. So I won't glow in the dark...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Schools Out.......

And we've been just as busy as when school was in session. Although it's been nice not to have to drive to school every morning. Quinn was having Kaitlyn withdrawls so we were finally able to get theses two together. My 5 year old child taught her friend how to ride with out training wheels!!!! Seriously. So of course I called her mom and we went down to her house to grab K's bike and her mom took some snapshots of this momentous occasion. We also hung out with our friends Ty and Chloe and their mom Tanya who's become a wonderful friend in the past year. Always fun to be around them. Finally we were able to go swimming at our neighborhood pool too. Ron is at the pool with C and Q as I type this. Two days in a row-woo hoo!!! We have lots of fun things on the horizon so hopefully I'll be more consistent with blogging.

Coop and Ty-2nd graders

Quinn and Chloe-mostly sweet ;-)

This is too funny. Cooper convinced Quinn to watch a Twins game instead of cartoons Friday morning since she will be going to the Twins game with her grandparents next week. Told her she needs to learn about baseball. Smartly played, son.

Pool time!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Weekend That Winter Made a Comeback

This weekend pretty much stunk weather wise. Dreary, rainy-yuck!Friday night I fell asleep with the kids at 9:30. The exciting life I lead...Saturday, ran a few errands as a family and I organized and cleaned out the kids rooms. Goodwill, here I come.(for the 15th time this year) Saturday evening we went bowling with our friends Jodi and Justin. I see Jodi all the time but it was nice to go out with our spouses and no kids. Jodi was kind enough to have all 5 kids at her house. We ended up bowling 3 games(ladies won first round) while drinking great tap beer-Miller Lite-I'm kidding-it's been years since I had that stuff. Then we went to a place called Osaka and had some sushi(salmon, eel, and tuna) and THEN we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some wings and more beer and TV trivia. We jokingly referred to it as our Coon Rapids Pub Crawl. So random(wings and sushi?!) but so spontaneous. Headed back to their house for a little while and encountered a feverish Cooper. So, after a visit Sunday morning to Minute Clinic, the diagnosis-strep throat-AGAIN. Poor Coop has had it4-5 times in the last two years. Lucky for him, we caught it so early that he will be able to go to his class picnic tomorrow- not so lucky for me, kinda bummed because I volunteered and it's going to be not so summer like again.Can't wait to wear my North Face polar fleece in June and supervise kickball. Ugh!!!Hoping to be swimming with the kids by Friday.Fingers crossed!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hanging Out

Lots of fun things going on. Finally able to hang out with friends now that phase one of home renovations is complete, illnesses are cured etc.Sunday, Ron was on call so I invited my friend Tanya and her two kids over to play. Her husband ended up taking Coop fishing with his son Ty. Thank you Jay!!!Coop had so much fun-didn't catch any fish but got to drive the boat and had fun hanging out at the lake. We ended up taking the girls to dinner at Bonfire. My friend Jodi also came over to hang out this week. We went to the park and let the kids play in the yard too. It was nice to soak up the sun. Today, I finally was able to hang out with Sarah. Between sick kids and school comittments I never thought we would be able to coordinate a get together.The kids jumped on the trampoline(Quinn now wants one!) and we were able to catch up. Tonight, one of the moms from school hosted a moms get together. Enjoyed relaxing with some wine on her beautiful deck mixing and mingling and wondering how another school year went by so fast. Now, I'm just counting down the days(3) until school is out. year. I'm ready for the lazy days of summer-as lazy as they can be with summer camps and activities. Still-it will be nice to not have to carpool and keep up with all the paperwork.Have leisurely breakfasts-chocolate chip pancakes, kids??Go to the gym when it's convienent for me!Can't wait. Hoping it warms up even more so we can spend some time at the pool and spend more time with friends and family.