Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas 2010 (a month late)

We had a wonderful Christmas in 2010. We opened presents on Christmas eve(Dad was working and was able to come home for awhile-guess no one wants to have a baby on this night)Of course Santa came and left some cool stuff..Cooper's Ipod touch and Quinn got an Ipod and a docking station for it. We flew to Louisiana that evening and spent a week visiting friends and family..Lots of good food,wine, and laughter. It was a bit chilly the first couple of days but then it warmed up..wore flip flops with my jeans and the kids played outside a lot. Quinn even bought ice cream from the ice cream truck that makes the rounds in December!

Friday, December 24, 2010

"You'll shoot Your Eye Out"

We kicked off our christmas break with a trip to the children's Theatre to see A Christmas Story. The kids loved it. Ron and I's favorite moment was when Quinn asked him.."we get to open presents tomorrow night, right??" Gotta love a 7 year old's random thoughts

An Afternoon at the Spa

Quinn's friend C had her 7th birthday party. Stopped at Bonfire on Grand Ave for lunch and then headed out to the MOA- amazingly we found a great parking spot. Our destination: the Scoops Kids Spa. Very cute and the girls had so much fun. Manis,pedis, glitter tattoos and ice cream.. Happy birthday Miss C!!

Dancing fun

Quinn's dance school had a mini Christmas presentation. They danced to two songs and then exchanged presents..All the girls looked so pretty in their holiday finest

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

The past three days of school have been all about fun and games..not much academics taking place. The kids both had their class Christmas parties.They were loaded down with teacher gifts and prayer partner gifts, Secret Santa gifts, and snow gear too.. looked like sherpas!! Since I was at Q's Halloween party I went to Cooper's Christmas..I managed to take 2 whole pictures because I was part of the sweatshop..I mean ornament making station...The hour flew by.. barely talked to my kiddo but had sun helping them all make their ornaments..I'm sure he apreciated that I was there..ha ha ha! I managed to go to Quinn's room just in time to take my "awesome" class new camera is still confounding might help if I would actually read the instruction booklet. Quinnie had her eyes closed..oh well..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lunch Bunch Christmas Style

Yes, I know it is blurry..that's what happens when you let a five year old take the picture! Plus, one of the moms(Steph) was not there.. Hoping I can get a nonblurry pic from one of the other gals...I have met some really great girls at the gym over the last year and we started to do a lunch bunch gathering after class 2-3 times a month in has been fun getting to know everyone better...we are all moms and all our kids are at different schools but we still seem to have oodles to talk about..and lots of laughter is always involved.

Pre-Christmas Concert Required Photos

The kids christmas concert at school was this past Thursday night..Fun to watch..and under an hour and a year it was 2.5 hours!! Fun to see all of the kids dressed up. The school band played and one kid did an awesome violin solo. Of course, we didn't bring the camera with the long lens and Quinn was front row center which would have made for some great photo ops.... I was proud of Cooper too because he actually sang and not just lip synched like he and a bunch of his friends did last year.