Friday, September 24, 2010

Girls Only

A couple friends and I took our girls to American Girl for lunch and to Nickolodean Universe for some mom and daughter time. The lunch was so fun. The girls loved that their dolls were served lemonade and ice cream for dessert. I managed to walk out of there with only a pair of sunglasses and earrings for Q's doll. well, and maybe a few things for Christmas..shhh!!!!! We even tried to sneak in a stop to Nordstrom Rack which was packed and the girls were squirrely(as eveidenced by their shopping cart escapdes in the pic below..we still managed to buy a few things..a big shocker I know. Rode some rides after Quinn got over her fears..Seriously, the kid rode a rollercoaster at Valleyfair...I had to ride it with her once and then she was suddenly brave again and then it was all smiles..

How I Spend My Weekends

And I would not have it any other way of course. At the soccer fields and football fields..sometimes the games coincide which makes it a bit tricky. Love our coaches and fun to hang out with the parents, which sometimes makes it tricky because we are busy gabbing and miss important least that's what Coop told me...tomorrow I am going to play close attention I promise.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time For Change

We are back in school. We had a wonderful summer but I am happy that fall is here. Love having the windows open, cool nights, fall activities.The first week of school went by quickly. How do I have a third and first grader??? Crazy how fast it goes. The kids are excited to see all their friends. Cooper has real hard cover text books, an assignment planner and..more homework. Quinn is going to have spelling tests this year and more homework than kindergarten. I am keeping busy by doing house chores and errands, catching up with friends, scheduling all those mundane appointments that I put off all summer and taxiing kids to piano, football, soccer, and dance. I thought I would be bored when the kids were in school..Nope, the time flies by. I also kick started the fitness routine after being lax all summer. Boot camp, weights, cycling and running...I am sooo sore..but I feel so much better. Oh, and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Now that the kids are in school I might want to do something part time..maybe I need to take a career test...hmmm......

All Good Things Must Come to an End

After missing almost two weeks due to Cooper's tonsillectomy, we crammed in lot's of fun things the week before school started. We roasted at the State Fair (next year we will be going at night)we took the kids to Valleyfair, we managed one more day of pool time and we also went to another Twin's game. Add in Meet my Teacher Night and hanging out with friends over the Labor Day weekend and I think we got a lot done!
Quinn's first rollercoaster ride..The High Roller at Valleyfair. She rode it three times... What $45 buys you in games....never again
Cooper rode every coaster again..except he is 2 inches too short for this summer buddy, next summer

much cooler day for a Twins game

Quinn and I got is sooo slow so we left Cooper and Ron and wandered around the stadium buying cotton candy and gelato and taking pictures..if they make the playoffs we decided we are going for pedicures..