Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party #2

One of Cooper's friends from school had a Halloween party. A few boys from third grade and a few boys from his older brother's grade(5th) so there was lot's of scary costumes for the fifth grade and lot's of star Wars for the 3rd graders and boys running amok.They had the coolest food, apple bobbing contest, a mummy warpping contest, a guess the gross things contest. Cooper's favorite was an AWESOME haunted house in their basement...we're talking vampires popping out of coffins, werewolves in cages, etc. Cooper said he gave it 5 stars. Seriously, they should charge admission. They even provide witches brew for the moms... definately putting us in the mood for halloween next week

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party #1

One of Cooper's friends from school hosted a halloween party for the third graders..there were probably about 35 kids there,siblings and parents were invited was craziness and lots of running around the house. the boys were taking the girls as prisoners. Cooper had a juice box, capri sun and a Brownie and a cookie and lots of candy..yep that was his dinner..luckily, it was a gorgeous night and they live on a quiet cul de dac so they all eventually headed outside to burn off the copious amounts of sugar.It was fun to visit with parents and meet some new ones too. The picture below sums up the energy of the night. Cooper is wearing a werewolf mask with his sumo costume.

Crazy for Corn..and Shrimp

The kids were off from school Thursday and Friday. They kicked off their mini break by taking some classes at the Science Museum. Quinn's was "Get Set To Be a Vet" and Cooper's was "My Excellent Vacation"..involving computer animation and Google Maps. They were both mornings 9-12. Ron was off on Thursday so while the kids were at their classes Ron and I had coffee and a croissant at Bread and Chocolate on Grand Avenue and then moseyed around Barnes and Noble finding books to order on the Kindle..We picked the kids up and headed for lunch at Stella's Fish Cafe.Coop and I split a catfish Po' boy...he has some Cajun blood in him and we shared some peel and eat shrimp too..Quinn likes shrimp but she is definately more midwestern. Nothing too spicy for her, ya,you betcha!! We finally made it out to Sever's Corn Maze. It was a gorgeous day and the kids loved it..their favorite of course, was the corn pit. They also enjoyed the petting zoo, the maze and the magician. Quinn rode the pony(and asked if she could get a horse..umm NO!)and Cooper did the corn cob gun. It was not that crowded(surprisingly) and we all got lots of fresh fall air..

Let's Go Vikings(and Jets!)

Ron's parents came into town and were able to watch Coop's football game, We did a little shopping, and met up with some of Ron's cousins who came to go to Vikings game. Ron's seats were much better than the last time I went(3 years ago)I might have to go to a few more this season if I can convince Coop to give me his ticket.We had lunch at the Loon Cafe and then watched the Vikes beat the Cowboys(sorry Mom and Dad)

Cooper's 9th Birthday Party

Cooper celebrated his birthday at the YMCA gym to play football,kickball, and basketball. It went by in a blur, barely took any pics because Ron and I were refereeing the game. Nine year old boys are SUPER COMPETITIVE in case you did not know. Cooper's friend R(who moved to the D.C. area) was back in town for a visit and we surprised Coop by having him attend the party and spend the night. cooper's friend J also spent the night so there was lots of Lego action, Wii, playing outside, and appearently a little reading before bed(what a bunch of smarty pants)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend update

Wow! My blogging has been put on the backburner as of late....We have been busy on the weekends with sports.We had our school fundraiser at a local park. We even managed an adult night out to Octoberfest with our friends E and K who we haven't gone out with in months.So nice to catch up sans kids. ron and I had lunch and went shopping on his day off...we need to find some new babysitters. All of ours keep graduating. I had some fun going on walks with friends, had a facial with my friend Leah, and have been enjoying my gym girls lunch bunch on Wednesdays. October and Sept are also the months of birthday parties... we have 3 this weekend(one is Cooper's) and Cooper has two Halloween parties coming up.One mom invited both third grade classes and parents and siblings...Is she brave or insane??? She is offering adult beverages so mybe that is the key to hosting 40 third graders. At least Cooper will have many oppertunities to wear his costumeYes,it has been a busy fall so far. We also have decided to stay in our house a few more years due to the suckiness of the real estate market.Boo!!!!! We really want to be in our school's district. All out of my control. We hemmed and hawed, met with realtors, and are now entertaining the idea of a cabin..Stay tuned.. so now we are installing new carpet upstairs and on the dreaded staircase...oh, and I am doing some more to's been 6 years already.. we just enjoyed a beautiful WARM week so I'm hoping it sticks around a few more weeks.

SJB marathon...bright and early
my big camera's auto focus is not all of Cooper's family birthday pics look a bit blurry