Saturday, November 28, 2009

Counting Our blessings Part 1

We had so much fun in Louisiana catching up with family and friends. Five days flew by in the blink of an eye. Went to my friend's house, where they had a bunch of puppies(Q was in heaven-asked if we could have one-um, NO!!)we went out to dinner one night, had lunch with friends, my mom and I did a little shopping,friends came over for wine in the evenings, and Ron squeezed in some golf with my brother. My parents also bought a new house. They have been looking for two years. Thought it would never happen-Like I said they've been looking for TWO YEARS!!!I must say I'm a tad bit jealous because it's cousin said it will be the designated holiday house from now on.

Part of the kitchen and hearth room. Can't wait to see and stay there this summer. they have a giant room with a full bath upstairs which we will be grandkid central.

Some of us also ran the Turkey Trot 5k Thanksgiving morning...which meant we could eat more that day!!so proud of Cooper and my niece. They completed their first 5k.

We celebrated my dad's birthday 3 times-lucky guy.

My cousin Kim and I pre race.

Counting all Our Blessings Part 2th

Thanksgiving day we had 25 people!! Beautiful weather, great food(cajun fried turkey-seriously the best turkey ever.....)an engagement toast(my cousins)great memories

Giving Back

We were invited to the 60th annual Children's Hospital Associations ball.Such a great cause. Wonderful auction items...we lost our bid for a five course meal for 6 at Oceanaire. They auctioned a huge wall of wine, awesome sports memorobilia...truly spectacular.Met some new people, ran into a few people we knew.A fun night for sure but we had to leave before the dancing started... so we'd wake up to catch our flight early the very next day.

Night Out on the Town

A few weekends ago we went out to a place called Barrio with our friends Eric and Kathy...who we have not been to dinner with since June!!Maragritas were delicious, the food great, the noise and the service-um, not so much. still, we always share laughs and good times with these two.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Odds and Ends

After Halloween the camera has been collecting cobwebs so I thought I'd just do a random catch up.

Cooper started a soccer winter academy on Monday evenings. It's basically to work on skills and such in the off season. A few of his friends are doing it too so that makes it more fun.Hope it will help him prepare for summer 2010 travelling soccer.He's going to try basketball too this winter. School is fun and he seems to have lots of friends and academically seems to be right on track. Guess we'll find out for sure at our upcoming parent teacher conference.

Quinn moved up to Middle 5s at her swim school.She will start it in January. It is a 45 min class and they call it jr. swim team. She has to wear a one piece racing suit(no more cutesy bikinis, at least at swim class))so I'm on the hunt for the cutest one I can find.I love that she is such a good swimmer, because I am so NOT!She is still loving school and all her friends she has made. She also has her first Daisy Scout meeting this week.It's mind boggling that she is almost six. She even told me who her boyfriend is-Tyler!!! Of course he's a second grader!!!

I am slowly getting back into running, been slacking off but I am perparing to run the Turkey Trot 5k in my hometown with Cooper, my dad,my niece, and my cousin.I haven't been a total couch potato though. I have been doing exercise classes and finally tried fitness yoga..which I loved. It is really hard and a tough workout. I was sore for 3 days afterward.

I also scrapbooked(Finally!!!), went on a walk and had lunches with a couple of friends... in between errand running and chores!

Ron and I had a fun lunch Friday and did a little shopping. We were invited to the Children's Hospital Gala, which is black tie....We have not been to a black tie event in 7 years!!! So I made him go dress and shoe shopping. For the men, so easy just rent a a different story...found a pretty dress though.Friday night I went out with some girls. First we went to my friend's house and had a blast there and then headed to a local nightclub to hear an 80s cover band...eighties rock. I must be getting old because I preferred hanging out at her house to a nightclub...although it was priceless watching my friend dance on stage with the band.I was smart and headed home about 10:45...they were out until 1:30!!! And feeling a little"tired".Here is a pic of some of us... (yes that would be bottle service at a suburban bar...yes I about died laughing!!$120 for a bottle of Smirnoff-puhleez!!I drank my Grey Goose than you very much.But I chipped in so I could have a place to sit.

The rest of the beautiful weekend involved repainting the kids bath, lots of outdoor fun and laundry laundry laundry!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Case of the Missing Brain........

Mine that is.Wow! I must be tired....I blogged on my old blog about Halloween, signed in under the old email/password and didn't realize it until a friend emailed me asking why I switched back to my old blog-D'oh!!....Don't feel like typing it all out again..The shortened version we had a great Halloween...went with our friends Deb and Jack to their clubhouse/golf club for their awesome Halloween party and then trick or treated with good friends that was fun..the end!