Monday, July 13, 2009

Lazy Blogger

I have been lazy about blogging. Too much other fun stuff to do while summer is here. I'll give a bullet list because my brain is on vacation already

-the kids spent all last week at YMCA camp
-they came home with that "camp" stench every day(sunscreen,Off, sweat and dirt) and clothes filthy
-saw a movie
-no scrapbooking for me though-bummer!!
-ran errands child free
-squeezed in a couple of runs with friends-seriously slacking!!
-wished I could have seen more of my girlfriends ;everyone is sooo busy this summer-feel like I see y'all more during the school year.
-laundry laundry laundry
-watched the Today Show uninterrupted(too bad there was so much Micheal Jackson coverage)and even some Regis and Kelly
-spent the day in Hudson, Stillwater, and White Bear Lake with my friend Kathy- shopped and had lunch
- spent a great weekend hanging out in the backyard playing badminton
-drinking wine with friends on our patio for an impromptu Friday night happy hour
-going to another friend's house to watch the 3M golf tournament, but socialzed the entire time;didn't see ANY golf
-bought a jet ski and had the in-laws haul it up here(a big thank you!!)
-looking for a truck or a jeep to haul jet ski
-wondering if we will be able to take it out this summer at all
-Ron attended a wedding where the majority of the people were from England and had a great time-Cheerio!
-sad I missed the wedding beacuse all my babysitters have busy social lives-bloody hell!
- the fam went to a Twins game while I went for a run from hell with my pal who's running a half marathon this weekend. It was her "easy run" day it was my "kick your ass" run day!
-Ron had today off so we went and had lunch at McCormick and Scmick's and did a little shopping and saw a movie while the kids were at their school summer day care
-now I'm packing everything but the kitchen sink in preparation for our 3 week Louisiana/Florida trip-yep I'm driving this year.1000 miles......insane or adventurous????

Monday, July 6, 2009

End of June/4th of July

It's been a fun filled five days. Cooper wrapped up his 2 1/2 weeks of Summer Academy.Kids from a bunch of different school districts are selected from their schools to attend. It's an enrichment program for "high potential students"ha-whatever that means. All I know is that he had a blast. A sampling...writing haikus, understanding hieroglyphics, story circles and poetry-his course was a language arts session. Hopefully he's still a "high potential student" next year so he'll be invited back next summer. They have even more cool course offerings as he gets older. It was a pain to get up so early in the summer, but luckily we carpooled with a group of people.We also headed to South Dakota for the 4th of July. Ron had his 20 year high school reunion plus it was an all school reunion so his hometown was flooded with people. Two street dances, a golf tournament, a parade, a picnic, a 4th of July festival, Papa's birthday, and a fireworks show at the casino. Plus, visiting with friends and family. The kids also swam alot and blasted through a ton of fireworks. Cooper seems to be a pyromaniac just like his dad and uncle.Today, the kids are off to YMCA day camp for the week while I'm home cleaning and doing laundry and getting ready for our trip to Louisiana and Florida(11 days away!!)

Off to camp.....