Sunday, May 31, 2009

Soccer Tournament, Birthday Parties, and an Anniversary

We also had many activities besides dance keeping us busy the past few days. On Thursday, Quinn had a playdate with her friend McKenna so Ron and I headed to downtown Minneapolis on a whim. We decided to eat lunch outside at McCormick and Scmick's to celebrate our ten year anniversary.!) 10 YEARS!!!It has gone by so fast.(Well, except for our 2 years in Oklahoma) We tried in vain to get a sitter for Saturday night but all were busy.It actually worked out great because it was fun to sit outside in the warm sunshine and share a bottle of Sancerre wine(my favorite)and have some great seafood and coversation sans kids.We also popped over to Surdyk's and moseyed around the store stocking up on summer wines. It was a fun and relaxing way to celebrate 10 years together. We ended up getting my anniversary present and I gave him guitar lessons but HE will have to pick out a guitar. Just as long as he doesn't want to start a band ;-) We grilled out with good friends on Thursay evening just because the weather was beautiful. So spontaneous and so much fun. Friday night Cooper went to "the best birthday party ever" -a carnival theme party where they received prize tickets and were able to redeem then at the prize table.Saturday, he had a soccer tournament(an intro to travelling soccer)and then had another party in the afternoon. This one was a fishing party. When he told me all the cool, creative, games they played-I'm think I have to bring my "A" game when planning his next birthday party.I'll have to get a little more creative. As if that wasn't enough Quinn's next door neighbor had a princess/pirate birthday bash. Quinnie had a blast hanging out with all the princesses and pirates. Sunday is all about cleaning, working out with my bud Lois(who never lets me slack off) and enjoying the sunshine.

Dancing Queen

Quinn before her 2nd performance

Just Dance Dance Dance Pt. 1

Quinn had her dance recital this weekend. 2 shows.& 7 hours total of non stop dance. My friend Tanya and I were room moms at the Friday night show.Chaos, fun, tears, missing costumes-typical dance recital drama.The dancers did a good job and loved all the costumes. It's a new dance school so it's definately more little ones than older girls.They were all so cute in their costumes. Quinn loves her teachers and the staff are so friendly. I can't imagine how much work goes into a production like that! Kudos to them.Ron and I watched the Saturday show.She saw us and waved to us.She held her own. No stage fright.. Got some great pics. Quinn and Chloe received Shining Star trophies in addition to the participation trophies. They give these out to students who have great attitudes. She was so proud to receive that award.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get Ready For This...

It's been another action packed week so far. Cooper had his first summer soccer game-scored two goals(yay Coop!!)and Quinn started her two week swim camp at our local swim school. Love this place. Worth every penny in my opinion. I think she will have mastered the crawl by the end of next week. Seriously!!We also had Quinn's dance recital rehearsal last night. Her dance school has only been around 2 years, so it's less older kids and packed with the little ones. So many cuties.Quinn was very comfortable with her tap routine. My friends mother in law leaned over and said "I don't think we have to worry about stage fright with her". We are gearing up for a wild and fun weekend. My friend and I are chaperoning a roomful of preschoolers at the Friday night recital(might have to have a nite cap after that evening)Cooper has a birthday party that evening;Saturday, Cooper has a soccer tournament in the morning, Quinn has a birthday party, Quinn has her recital, and Cooper has ANOTHER birthday party.Sunday is more low key; Ron is on call and hopefully we'll be able to enjoy some warmer temps and recover from the madness/good times that was Friday and Saturday. Let the fun begin....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

One of my closest friends from Louisiana came up for a visit over the weekend.It's been over a decade since her last visit. Friday night we hung out in the basement drinking wine and talking until 1 am. I know I've made some wonderful friends here in Minnesota but it's so nice to have a friend who shares so much history with you. There's so much you just don't have to explain when you've known someone for 20 years.We talk on the phone of course but it's so much more fun to hang out face to face. Saturday we went shopping at Mall of America-mainly Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Since she lived in Seattle for 10 years she misses these stores(don't have them in Louisiana!) Saturday night I gathered some of my friends and we all went out to dinner at a French restaraunt called Salut. Had great conversation and some martinis. Stopped off at a place close to home to dance and burn off some calories from dinner. K, was that you taking those pics??(Those pics will not be posted on the blog!)Sunday-after we got our energy back(ha ha) we made our way over to Anthropologie and Hot Mama. My friend had to buy a suitcase to bring back all her loot. I think what I'll remember most was how much we laughed all weekend long. Sad to see her leave but I know she was ready to get back to her 3 year old little boy. Also, I'm giving a huge shout out to my husband who was basically single parenting this weekend and for letting me shop(cause I don't shop enough as it is(that's a big fat lie ;-) I think my kids are happy to have me around too. I'm usually with them 24/7. I think they missed me... So looking foward to seeing her in July when I go home to Louisiana. Can't wait!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is what happens.......

When you get stung by a bee??? NO
When you accidentally get hit by a golf ball?? NO
When you go golfing nine holes with your Daddy and are allergic to the golf course!!YES YES YES!!!Thought she might be having some allergy issues but it hasn't seem to have affected her until today. Doesn't she look so pitiful??

All Over the Place

That what's this post is. Cooper finally lost his two front teeth in the last couple of weeks so now he looks like a jack o' lantern. Think we need to start an orthodontic fund based on Ron and I's orthodontic experiences..Quinn had her friend Kendall come over for a playdate where all they did was fight. Usually they play really well but today they both must have been in foul moods. I was the referee.Which meant I barely got anything done around the house. The only times they got along were when I gave them ice cream cones and let them watch Tom and Jerry.We also officially became one of those families that have back to back activities(tae kwon do and soccer practice) and we have to go to the drive thru and eat our dinner in the car between activities. So nutritious!!

Today, I actually drove to Target just to get a grande skinny vanilla latte. I always brew my own coffee but today I needed super fuel because I have to get motivated to clean because my dear friend Kara is coming in for the weekend. I'm so excited to have girl time. On tap for outside, CLEAN the house,and soccer practice again, and enjoy the gorgeous day.See, I told you this post was all over the place!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Official

Quinn had her last day of preschool on Friday. After four years we are saying goodbye to Little Lights Preschool(Cooper attended 2 years too)The good news is that we can stop in and say "hi"whenever we want because it is attached to the kids regular school. I'm still a little sad because it means that I will never again have kids who are preschool age. On the flip side, I only have to drive to school 1-2 times a day next year.Quinn brought home an adorable memory book(as they do every year)and samples of all their work and a bunch of photos from various activities throughout the year. Thanks for a great year Miss Mary Ann and Miss Emily.

Mission Accomplished


Finally finished!!! Round one of changing all our floors from vinyl to tile is now complete. Finally having my house back from the tile installers and plumber. Yay!!Still have the upstairs bathrooms to complete in late summer

And after...also had a new kitchen faucet installed.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Testing out a new blog site

Since my current one won't allow comments. Repurposing my travel blog to a personal one.