Sunday, June 27, 2010

It Has finally Happened

We have arrived at the point where we have kids that are really involved in sports and we had NINE soccer events in 7 days! I knew this day was around the corner but we hit the point where one of us had to each take a kid to each game because they overlapped.It was exciting to watch them play.

Goodbye Buddy

Cooper became really good friends with Riley this year. They were in different classrooms until second grade but all I heard was Riley this and Riley that. They have had playdates and sleepovers during the year..Cooper was sad to learn that Riley and his family are moving to the east coast this summer so we had to have him come over for one last hurrah. They went swimming, had watergun fights,played Wii, went to the park,designed their own t-shirts, and just had fun being silly boys..

39 and Holding!!!!

Ron turned 39 this year and we had big plans to take the jet ski out on the lake for the first time this summer but the weather was uncooperative so we had to go to plan B....Lunch and a little shopping. We'll have to go all out for next year..Happy birthday and we love you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New and Improved

The sun was shining and the weather was hot so we ended up at our local waterpark which we have not visited since 2008.It was fantastic! They have added all sorts of things which is especially important when you have two elementary age kids who have outgrown the splash pool and can't handle the roughness of the wave pool(seriously..those waves scare me). They have a giant lazy river, an activity pool with basketball hoops and two climbing walls, plus two new slides. Most important of all was there were more beach chairs which is priority number one for moms) With the new expansion the park seemed less congested and we really enjoyed all the new amenities. Look foward to going back..

Busy Bees

We kicked off summer vacation with a soccer tournament in Hudson Wisconsin. The weather wasn't great(felt more like fall)but Cooper's team had fun and they palyed pretty good.Quinn started a tennis camp this past week. It was our first time doing a Skyhawks sports camp and all I can say is that they run a great program. Quinn had so much fun and her coaches were so great with all the kids.Cooper also started his Summer Academy program where is writing and illustrating his own book. He had to miss two days because he has tonsillitis...the doctor recommended taking his tonsils out!will have to mull that over....since he missed two days we are having to work on his story board and I even remember how to do that stuff??

Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye School Year

The kid's school had their annual K-3 picnic. The Second grade room moms(that would be me) were in charge of coordinating the arts and crafts So I helped paint tiles, rocks, did a little face painting and nail painting. Snapped a few pics of the kids. That was when I actually saw them. I was so happy that the weather was decent and the kids didn't need jackets this year.

Family Bonding

My parents came up to Minnesota to visit for a week.They were able to watch the kids soccer games and dance recitals, spend time with the kids. Coop and Quinn played hooky one day and we went to Como Zoo and Como town. My mom and I went shopping. Cooper loved learning about stocks and investing from his Pop and now has an email account and a stock portfolio that he is managing...that means he can take care of me in my old age!!We had a wonderful visit although very busy, birthday parties, school picnics, lessons and practices..A busy life we lead. Was hoping to swim but that's minnesota for you. they are coming back in July so looking foward to some lake and pool time.

Recital Time

We had a busy fun filled week with lot's of dancing..dress rehearsal..last dance class,and two recitals....We picked up these three cuties early from school and took them to Olive Garden for dinner and then it was time to dance. all the girls did an amazing job and kudos to all the staff and volunteers who take on the monumental task of staging a dance recital.So much fun and we were glad that Gigi and pop were able to see her dance