Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Surprise

Cooper and Quinn received a "egg"cellent surprise from their Gigi and Pop in the mail.Delicious Easter cookies. They also received some Zhu Zhu pets from their Grandma and Papa and some collectible Easter bunnies and Jelly Belly jellybeans from my parent's close friends. Spoiled little bunnies!

Friday, March 26, 2010

All about Cooper

Another week gone by quickly. Quinn had a Daisy Scouts dinner(Dad forgot the camera!)I decorated the second grade classrooms for spring with the other room mom.Cooper had his second grade parent/grandparent lunch. This year they did a short play based on the book"Miss Nelson is Missing".The kids did a great job and we got to stay and have lunch on tables decorated with placemats and centerpieces.Fancy!I also had to got to school at the crack of dawn(okay,okay- really 7:20)to help set up for the teacher appreciation breakfast. I ended up taking the the kids to McDonald's for breakfast which they thought was the coolest thing ever. I had to find someway to get them out of bed way earlier than usual.Cooper also had his basketball clinic after school too plus soccer practices and dance for Quinn made for a busy week.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wrapping Up

We are coming to a close of our first spring break. We have another one in two weeks!Quinn had her friend from school come over to play for a few hours and we baked cupcakes, the girls built a fort(no boys allowed) played hide and seek outside. and most fighting!!Cooper played with his pal..who think goodness was on spring break too... so we made mini pizzas... and I fed everybody lunch.

Friday, Quinn went to play at her friend Howie's house. He was in her preschool class last year and is in her kindergarten class this year. She talks about him all the time. "Howie is sooo funny" and "Howie wants me to go to his hockey game"They had fun jumping on the trampoline, making homemade pop and playing with his cousins. I had a hard time getting her to leave.Howie's mom took some of the cutest pics of the two of them. Quinn wanted one in a frame in her room. We will definately be having Howie over to play soon.

Coop had a soccer game bright and early at 8am and Quinn had her first soccer practice on Saturday. We spent a nice relaxing night at home. Ron and Coop are heading to the Minnesota Wild game today and Quinn and I are going to hang out...hopefully outside when it is warmer.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thought You Were Sleeping

Well, I thought cooper and Quinn were sleeping in for me...nope..quietly playing on the Webkinz site

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Our spring break #1 has been great so far. The awesome weather helps I'm sure.So far, we went to an indoor waterpark with some friends(my camera never left my purse)the kids have been spending so much time outside,and we went to St. Paul's St. Patricks Day Parade. Sixty and sunny...unbelievable!!We had a great spot to see and the kids got lots o' loot.We capped off a fun time with lunch at Savoy's pizza. Yum!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching up...again!

I am seriously slacking in the blog department. Got my camera fixed and have taken a whopping five photos in the last week and a half. We are on Spring Break #1 this week, which involves lots of fun things so hopefully I will have lots of pics. We survived 6 days of gloom(but the snow melted away!!)but we kept busy with school and activities. This weekend we met friends for dinner Friday night, other friends for dinner Sat. night(which is why I will be running this morning and doing hip hop aerobics with a friend tonight) and had friends over for fajitas on a gloriously WARM, SUNNY Sunday. The kids were outside for hours. It gave us a taste of which I hope is just around the corner....We also went to a girls hockey game to watch our friend's daughter play where my children got these wacky airbrushed hats and Cooper had a soccer game, the kids had a fun playdate,a little spring cleaning, and trying to start Ron's jeep that has been dormant all winter-I'd say it was a pretty full weekend.Looking foward to a great week with the kids.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wide World of Sports

We've had a week full of all things sports. Quinn had her kindergarten basketball skills clinic with all her friends from school.The kids were off from school for a few days so we took them to have their first ski lesson too. Cooper has no fear and thinks he's a superstar but Quinn is a little more cautious but seemed to be more of a natural. They both had a great time though and their teacher was the nicest guy. We promised them they could take some lessons next winter.We got really lucky in that it was a beautiful, warm day so Ron and I were able to sit OUTSIDE and soak up some sunshine. Cooper also kicked off his travel soccer season with a game and a practice this week. Travel soccer is serious business...tournaments, skills practices, practice's our first foray into a travelling league so we'll see how it goes.