Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

The past three days of school have been all about fun and games..not much academics taking place. The kids both had their class Christmas parties.They were loaded down with teacher gifts and prayer partner gifts, Secret Santa gifts, and snow gear too.. looked like sherpas!! Since I was at Q's Halloween party I went to Cooper's Christmas..I managed to take 2 whole pictures because I was part of the sweatshop..I mean ornament making station...The hour flew by.. barely talked to my kiddo but had sun helping them all make their ornaments..I'm sure he apreciated that I was there..ha ha ha! I managed to go to Quinn's room just in time to take my "awesome" class new camera is still confounding might help if I would actually read the instruction booklet. Quinnie had her eyes closed..oh well..

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